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Can A Caffeine Hair Tonic Really Treat Hair Loss?

Posted by Anna on November - 6 - 2012

Hair Tonic

Hair growth Before you decided to investigate a caffeine hair tonic, you probably tried many other methods to get your hair to grow in at the healthy, thick levels that you used to enjoy. The industry for these types of products is quite huge, and many methods exist. Some of these methods include surgery to transplant hair onto your head and pills that you take orally to cause your hair to grow. Most of these things have side effects that outweigh their effectiveness. In exchange for minimal results, you have to take a large pill each morning, shelling out a lot of money for refills, or you have to undergo an uncomfortable procedure.

These factors may have been exactly what caused you to look into caffeine for hair growth, whether you have noticed advanced hair loss because of hereditary traits or because of AGA. If you have been suffering from this condition, do not think that you are alone. When men who are at least 50 years old are polled, it has been found that up to 50% of them are in the same situation. A caffeine shampoo could be just the answer that you and all of these other men have been searching for all along.

In recent studies, a caffeine hair tonic was applied to a large group of men to see if it had any effectiveness. You do not have to ingest the caffeine, which is what many people assume after drinking coffee and soda. Instead, the caffeine for hair just has to be applied as a coating that covers your head. From there, it can stimulate your hair follicles, causing your hair to grow. The results from the study came back with success that could be measured from 0.0001 to 0.0005 percent growth. While these numbers may seem small, even small results can make a drastic difference when considering all of the hair follicles that can be impacted.

Another thing to consider is that this study with caffeine shampoo was conducted over the course of 120-192 days. The reason for the discrepancy is that some results were measured after 120 days and the rest were taken after 192 days. However, even the longest duration does not represent an entire year of use. If you were to switch over completely to a shampoo that could give you even minimal results, the impact would be much great over a year (365 days) or two years (730 days).

What this tells you is that a caffeine hair tonic is not simply a quick fix. It is not something that you can apply today if you want to see results tomorrow. You need to make a large-scale change from using your normal shampoo to using one that has been infused with caffeine. You need to use it consistently, and you need to continue the usage over a long period of time. This is the best way to get the results that you want.

The nice thing about using caffeine for hair is that you do not really have to change your habits at all. You do not have to spend extra time every day applying the solution. You already take a shower each day, either in the morning or in the evening. All that you have to do is to start using a caffeine shampoo with each shower. This is an easy change to make, and it is nearly impossible to forget to use the shampoo, unless you decide not to take a shower at all. This is an unobtrusive way to solve the problem of hair loss for men over 50.

hair tonic

Alpecin C1 Hair Energizer Shampoo with Caffeine 8.45fl. oz (250ml)
publisher: Alpecin
EAN: 4040387052113
sales rank: 7211
price: $6.48 (new)

It has been shown that caffeine promotes hair growth and it has been proven to slow down hereditary hair loss.
With Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo you can now transport this unique active ingredient to the hair roots during daily hair washing.

Alpecin Caffeine penetrates even though the shampoo is rinsed out. In just a short time (120 sec.), the active ingredient travels along the hair shaft directly into the hair follicles. If the shampoo is left on for longer, the caffeine will also penetrate into the scalp.

There are also other reasons why many men really like this shampoo. Based on the intentional omission of softeners (e.g. silicone), the hair structure improves after just a few hair washes with enhanced hair grip.
Fine and weakened hair becomes stronger and can be styled better.

Directions to use:
Use as daily hair shampoo and gently massage into hair. Let it work for a minimum of 2 minutes (from the moment it’s massaged into the hair). If left on head for more than 2 minutes (don’t exceed 5 minutes) the caffeine will also penetrate into the scalp.
Rinse hair thoroughly after application.

Competitive athletes: Alpecin Caffeine can be detected in hair follicles.
Keep away from children !

General information:
Please note that Alpecin C1 can not revive dead hair roots, thus it will not make a bald scalp growing hair again.
What it effectively will do though is to help to stop an ongoing process of loosing hair due to inherited reasons. Its patented hair activator with caffeine activates the hair roots, prolongs the growth phase and improves hair growth !

Goldwell Dualsenses for Men Activating Scalp Tonic 4.2 / 125 ml
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Goldwell Dualsenses for Men Activating Scalp Tonic 4.2 oz Refreshes & Strengthens Does your hair need a pick me up? Goldwell Dualsenses for Men Activating Scalp Tonic instantly strengthens and revitalizes the hair and scalp. Leaves hair energized with visible fullness. Formulated with Recharge System with Guarana Caffeine Complex to protect men’s hair against environmental elements while conditioning and adding body. Energizing Bodifying Revitalizing Strengthening For all hair and scalp types Apply onto scalp evenly after shampooing. Massage into scalp. Do not rinse. Suitable for daily use

Keune Care Line Derma Activating Lotion – thinning hair & hair loss, 2.5 oz
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Keune Care Line Derma Activating Lotion is a cure treatment for temporary hair loss and thinning hair. Rejuvenator Technology penetrates the cells of the scalp where liposomes gradually deliver the Essential Minerals, Biotin and the hair growth stimulants Takanal and Caffeine with Keune Care Line Derma Activating Lotion.

Hair Tonic