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Discover 101 Weight Loss Tips

Posted by Adam on September - 1 - 2014

If you think of diet as a four letter word, and deep down believe that there has to be a way to lose weight… and keep it off… without following the latest fad diet, then this website is for you.

That is because we associate diet with restricting our food intake to only healthy foods, depriving our body of all the good food it craves for, starving for days on end, and going on a bland diet.

We realize this is easier said than done, however, which is why we created 101 Weight Loss Tips ebook.

My 101 Weight Loss Tips Report is jam packed full Proven ways to lose weight loss and information on how to lose them pounds.

Heres just a small taste of whats inside 101 Weight Loss Tips and Strategies:

The difference between good fats and bad fats and which fats you should include in your diet. (Tip 68, page 30).

Which "safe" foods that seem healthy but are actually very bad for you. (Tip 71, page 31)

Can you really trust any online weight loss information? We’ll show you how to navigate the Internet and find weight loss advice that will help you on your weight loss journey. (Tip 1, page 1)

What time should you eat your last meal of the day to keep your metabolism burning all night? (Failure to do this will cause your metabolism to stall and you don’t want that). (Tip 51, page 22)

The 5 white foods you should avoid in order to maximize your weight loss. (Tip 77, page 34)

How artificial sweeteners can actually make you GAIN weight. (Tip 80, page 35)

A tip from a Weight Watchers study that shows how dieters who used this easy (and free) method of losing weight lost 50% more weight than those that did not. You don’t want to miss out on this one. (Tip 3, page 1)

A nifty way to use leftovers of any type of dinner to lose weight. (Tip 47, pg 21)

Yes, dairy foods can help you lose weight… IF you use them correctly. Find out how. (Tip 90, page 40).

The best 7 day diet for losing weight fast for an important event. (Tip 22, page 10)

Are you an emotional eater? Youll never lose weight if you dont conquer this so find out the first step to take to overcome it. (Tip 51, page 23).

Think liposuction can help with weight loss? Think again. Learn how liposuction does not in any way lower your risk of heart disease or boost your metabolism. (Tip 62, page 27).

Warning! There’s a type of weight loss that is actually dangerous… it can cause loss of muscle, hair loss and even gallstones. Yet far too many dieters make this mistake. (Tip 5, page 2)

Forget those photos in glamor magazines. Discover how to become your own inspiration to lose weight (Tip 54, page 24)

Why you should NEVER look at the scales to determine how much fat you have lost and what you should use instead (hint: you already own it and use it every day). (Tip 6, page 3)

How to trick your body into thinking you’ve eaten a lot of food when in reality you’ve eaten a small amount (no, this doesn’t involve supplements or diet foods – it’s something you do while eating). (Tip 89, page 39).

Should you forget about calories? You’re going to like the answer to this one. (Tip 64, page 28).

The real scoop on BMI. Discover if it is a…